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Tribal Tournament 2002

Reported by:
Andrew Saunders

We showed up the night before the tournament as it was a long drive from New Brunswick to attend. Two members of CO2KOOL (another NB team) had already arrived. It was 11pm, the weather was raining and putting up our tent was a necessary evil. Tim came out and talked to us mentioning that he rearranged the entire field for this event and the bugs were insufferable while doing it. We couldn't fully comprehend what he meant at the time...

Next day the weather started off somewhat cold with the impression that rain could break at any time, which fortunately never happened. Late afternoon the sun came out, and with it, an unbelievable barrage of insects. Anybody who was there knows what I am talking about. The swarms of little bastards were so thick they would make it into your goggles off the break when you had to wait the five seconds.

Since only six teams showed up for the tournament, the layout was a double round robin with the top four teams making the finals. The field layout was designed for a fast, close game. There were no bunkers within the first 20 or so feet of the start line so it was a solid run. There were also tall structures in the middle which prevented most sweet spotting. With the field layout being compact it made for a lot of sneaking and bunkering, most if not all games went fast and hard.

  TeamFirst Round / 1000Finals / 300Prizes
  Heavy Metal880 (1st)210 (1st)$600
  Triple Image690 (2nd)210 (2nd)$225 (Enterance Fee)
  Mystic Warriors480 (4th)175 (3rd)3 T-Shirts
  Fire Island Fury595 (3rd)0 (4th)3 T-Shirts
  CO2KOOL440 (5th)
  Unnamed95 (6th)

Since there was a tie for first a tie-breaker was needed and Heavy Metal managed to pull off the win. As obvious by the scorecard Heavy Metal was on their game that day. After the awards ceremony no tournament would be complete without the throwing of the empty paint boxes into the crowd (a tradition taken from Quebec apparently). This was great event, it's too bad that more teams didn't show up. The upside was it was fun to play the same team twice, starting at different ends each time. Added a wierd competition between individual teams, a chance-to-even-the-score feeling.

On a side note, Tim had three digital video cameras running for all the games; two on the field starting on opposite ends to follow each team and one elevated off-center. He plans on selling videos which he will personally be editing, so if anything you know the footage he chooses will be entertaining.

Here is the Tribal Paintball site, which seems to be down as of writing this.

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