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World Cup 2005 - October 24th-30th, 2005

Reported by:
Brad Colford

Dexter, A.K.A. the Plague and his dad picked Hot Toddy and me up early Wednesday morning to leave for Bangor, Maine. We had no trouble at all going through the border, in fact it was probably the easiest I've ever gone through. Shortly after we got across the border into Maine it turned into a blizzard. "Oh, man," I thought. We made it to the airport in Bangor no problem, which I was really grateful for. We went and checked in our luggage, and had to sit around and wait. Waiting sucks, although we did notice the irony of the "grim reefers" patch on the wall. Hot Toddy and the Plague left about an hour and a half earlier than I did but finally my time came to leave.

Off I go to Cincinnati to wait for like three hours, and there wasn't even an arcade there to waste time in. I got to Orlando and nobody is waiting for me. I'm kind of a little ticked because I'm tired and hungry. Matt finally shows up and says that we have to wait for Dave whoís coming in another hour or so. So Matt goes off to find which gate Daveís flight is coming through. Dave shows up and we take off for the car, the only thing is Matt forgot how to get to the car. After walking around for a bit Matt remembers and we headed to the field to pick up Todd and Dex.

We get to the field and register with about 15 minutes left before they closed for the night. Thatís a little less running around to do tomorrow. We go to the hotel and head for Checkers for food. Checkers food is the SHIT! We head back to the hotel and I crashed for the night.

We got to sleep in the next day because we had to play in the afternoon division. We headed off to the field as soon as we got up, to get our guns ready. Matt and I got all the guns chronoed and PACS tested. All guns were under 14.7BPS. W saw Alex, from Spikes, he was reffing. He said that all the fields were running behind. We went and got a place in the huge staging tents and got our shit together.

We headed out to play our first game on the Evil field, against the Die-Hard Sons. They were sitting 4th overall in the series for points. We decided on our big breakout plan. We would send me to the little temple, and Dexter to the Big temple, Matt to the little temple in back, Dave to the Big Dorito in the back on the opposite side of the field and Toddy would play in the big temple in the back, filling in wherever needed. Off the break we all made it to our bunkers but seconds later I'm pulled out for a hit on the back of my pack. "What?," I say to the ref. I still don't know where it came from. Dave came and joined me in the dead box shortly there after and the game kinda just unraveled. Todd comes storming into the dead box, "what the hell is this?" He pulls out one of my Misfits patches from the inside off his loader. How that got there I'll never know.

We go clean off and reload with paint, then we head right back over to the Evil field to play SSC Factory Team. They were a bunch of big ballers from Puerto Rico, I think. We decide to do a more conservative break sending me to the big temple, and Dex to the back Dorito, Matt, Todd and Dave were to play the same spots as last game. I get shot right in the face going into my primary, "Damn it." Itís all good though because Dexter wrecks them, shooting all five in about a minute and a half. As heís standing there after the game he keels over coughing and hacks up a great big loogie in front of the other teams deadbox.

We head back to gear up for our next match up against the New York Wrecking Crew. We played the same breakout as our last game and we all made it in alive. Matt, Dexter and I sweetspotted out one of their front players off the break, then I slingshot Dex around me into the next little temple. He gets shot a little later so I fill when I hear Co-Dads yelling "Snake." "Nothing I can do," I thought, "Suns in my eyes." I take a few shots at their back little temple because his backs showing. I line a stream right in on him. "Check his back ref," but no one checks him. Wouldnít you know I get shot by the snake player, he shot me in the back while I was out shooting the line. As Todd sees me leaving, he realizes itís do or die and runs through the X eliminating two players. Dave gets up and runs to the head of the snake, trying to distract the last two Wrecking Crew players. A guy comes to bunker Todd, so Todd wraps the other side of the bunker and nails him. The guy does a run through and shoots Todd any ways and eliminates Dave too. The other player runs up to hang the flag with a hit on him, itís the same guy I could have sworn I had hit early in the game. Toddy goes out to try and argue the points but to no avail.

It's getting dark by the time we are geared for our next match. We are supposed to be playing Supremacy, a group of kids, the oldest being 16. One kid had just lost his home in the hurricane. While we are waiting to play, the captain of the Wrecking Crew comes up to us. He's like "YO, YO, Yo, mutha fuckas, Ya'll shouldn't be playing D3 yo should be in D2. Youz too good for D3. " Yeah but you just beat us. He went on into a story about how pro teams keep poaching his players. He also invited us do to Pev's for a practice against them and Justice. He also offered to hook us up with his buddies over at Virtue, only they didn't have any Ion boards for sale. After sitting around for an hour or so PSP staff decides to postpone the games to morning.

We jet as fast as we can for the hotel and FOOD. Did I mention how awesome Checker's food is? Dexter and I decide to go swimming, the water is freezing cold, so it was more of a shiverfest. We meet two of the guys from the Die Hard Sons, they joined our shiverfest. After I get tired of shivering and Dexter has hacked his lungs up, we head back to the room to go to sleep. We've got any early start to the next day, playing in the morning division.

We get up early, head to the field and prepare. We have to make up our two games from the day before, so we go to try and find Supremacy. We find them and hit the field. We played the same way we did against the Wrecking Crew, sweetspotting hard. Todd, Dave and I holed up in the back temple, Dave would kick out to the back corner Dorito, Iíd move up to the double bricks. Todd would stay put anchoring the back field while Dex and matt took back Dorito and center rollie respectively. No sooner than I started shooting than I broke paint. Clean my gun out, break more paint and more cleaning and break off paint. We ended up losing a game that we were controlling without being able to shoot accurately. We all broke paint except for Dex, man that sucks.

Our next game was against Infused. Any ways we play the game and roll Infused. We took our primaries and I jumped into the snake. Somehow I got shot in the back while no one was shooting at me. The guys finish the game with four alive. Thanks for the use of your goggleís Wayne.

Next up the N2 All-stars. Ewww Iím scared. They are a bunch of kids too. We chrono and wait to get on the field. The N2 Allstars are sent by the refs to change their goggles because they had cut away the ear pieces. The refs on this field were meticulous, they checked our cleats and made us take off our Strict Flags. Dave and I sweetspot a player but he doesn't leave. I move up to the double bricks and somehow get shot in the back of my shoulder, man thatís a piss off. Dex and Matt scoot up one side of the field shooting everyone along the way. As they run the flag in, they are a few steps from hanging the flag and the whistle blows. Fuck. When we walked off the field, I noticed that the team we were to play next watched us in that game. I mentioned it but no one listened.

We went off to play The Men at Work. I turned and sweetspot the big fat guy running for the X. So he switches where he was shooting and nails me right in the face. I met Dexter in the dead box, as I see Dave run to fill in Dexsí corner. It was a good thing he did cause they were still shooting where Dave was supposed to go. Todd, Dave and Matt lock the field up and wait, playing tight. The big guy in the X tries a run thru and gets torched. Ha. Then SU picked up the pace and out played Men at Work.

I got to watch Spikes 5150 while waiting for our last game. They got jewed with a couple of bad calls. We get to play our last game, it was against Fused Faction. While waiting to play we meet a girl from Alabama, what a different culture. We all take our primaries but Dexter gets shot in the top of the head. I move up to the double bricks and work that looking for a kill. I stand up and see a guy just looking at me, so I shot him and moved to the Little temple by the snake. From here I shot two from the opposite tapeline out. I tell Matt that his side is clear. I shot another guy as he tried to refill the back corner. Now thereís only one guy left, I move up to the little brick by the X, start rolling my gun run up and blast the guy right in the face. I also gave him a few more sweetlovings in the back for good measure. Whoo. We walk off feeling very good but we still have to check the scores.

So we head over to the registration tent to see how we did.

Preliminaries Thu 2:04 PM Evil Diehard Sons (Division III) 4-98
Preliminaries Thu 3:00 PM Evil SSC FACTORY TEAM (Division III) 98-4
Preliminaries Thu 3:56 PM PSP4 New York Wrecking Crew (Division III) 16-92
Preliminaries Thu 4:44 PM PSP3 Supremacy (Division III) 12-94
Preliminaries Thu 5:32 PM DYE Infused (Division III) 98-4
Preliminaries Fri 8:48 AM National N 2 Allstars (Division III) 48-4
Preliminaries Fri 9:44 AM PSP3 Men At Work (Division III) 94-12
Preliminaries Fri 11:44 AM DYE Fused Faction (Division III) 98-4

We missed out by like a game, it's kinda disappointing but the experience was great. We leave and head back to the hotel. Now the fun begins. I buy a quart of vodka to drink and head over to spikes hotel room with Dex. I drank most of my vodka and went to buy some more.

Sometime later we head out on a stumble, Dex and I head for Burger king but it isn't open, so we go to 7 -11. I'm shit faced drunk, drinking a 2-liter bottle of root beer, hanging around outside while Dex goes to but some munchies. Then we stumble back into old town where we see the spikesí guys again. We go inside the bar, Sun on The Beach, for the players party and somehow I get a bunch of booze. There's two lesbians making out in the corner so I dance my way over to them to chat it up, damn they were hot.

I slapped some womanís ass, and she turns around "who did that?" she asks, I sheepishly point to Wayne. She freaks out on him and he's like "what you got a problem," and some other woman said "yeah sheís my bitch." Ha. We leave the bar, headed for the hotel, and I realize that there are girls with us. I don't know where they came from, so I yelled at Pete. I pointed over my shoulder and dumped my glass of beer all over on of the girlsí heads. Whoops. Next thing I remember is heading to Dennyís for food with Brow, Pete, Adam, and Dex.

We have to wait to get into Dennyís I figured we were gonna get kicked out cause we were loud but I guess everyone else was too. We get some seats and menus but Iím to busy staring at the pie sign. Thereís pumpkin pie and some other kind, I can't tell, so I star at it trying to get my vision to un blur. Then I realized that there was a big black guy below the sign, he didn't look to happy about my staring problem, so we left. "In Dennyís there is sugar." Adam, the crazy fucker climbs the traffic light pole outside, then he goes wading in the big fountain for change. We call it a night and head home for some much needed sleep.

I get up the next day with a hangover, blah, and we all head out for some breakfast. We get across the street and I have to get out because Iím getting motion sickness. I go back to the room, puke and fall asleep. The guys get me up later to go get some food and to head to the beach afterwards. We head to Clearwater Beach, and itís on the gulf of Mexico. I'm still not feeling great so I just lay in the sand the whole time we are there.

When we get back to the hotel there are two police cars and a security guard there. Some drunk guy from Joy Division tried to break into a room to take a piss, He didn't manage so he pissed in the corner. It was right around this time that the cops must have come because he's standing there holding his pants up. We have a good laugh about this, then Dex and I go over to the Spikes room to see what they are doing. Not much is what they are doing, so we sit around talking for a while. Dexter goes home, Pete, Chad and I head out to see whatís going on. I stole a fire extinguisher and sprayed it all over some condo. That was the highlight of my nite. Soon afterwards we call it a nite and go home.

I got up early the next morning to head back to the fields to watch games. I couldnít wait to see Russian Legion play. Unfortunately they lost to Baltimore Trauma in two well-played games. I couldnít believe that one of the fastest payers I had ever seen couldnít make the back corners. Federov got shot game after game as Trauma keyed up on him. It saddened me to see the Legion lose, but they truly are amazing even in defeat though. While watching the game I saw plays that I couldnít believe, they were so fast and aggressive. Something else I couldnít believe were the fans, and Traumas fans are probably the loudest fans. They are also unruly, "I just got punched in the back of the head, three times," Zack Long said. We talked to the Spikesí guys while we were watching games, we even seen Roddy. Dexter and I went for a walk after the games to collect stickers and to take a look at gear. We collect a shitload of stickers and we take off.

Later on while sitting around the hotel room Matt comes in and says, "Who was the last person in the bathroom?" Then he was like "come look," thatís strange I thought but I looked(stranger still). He had taken an ion body and stuck it in the toilet and put toilet paper on it. Later he threw it at us, scared the shit out of us.

I venture out that nite knowing that I had to catch a plane at 5:00 in the morning. Dexter and I headed over to Spikeís to see what they were doing, they were preparing to drink. Cool I thought. They got me to call Roddy up, I talked to him for a bit and asked if we could come over to the Miami Effect house. Of course he said yes, and he even said he had beers for us to drink. Now we just had to figure a way to get there.

Dan was this guy from Chicago, who now lived in Florida that Spikeís met. Dan had a truck so heíd drive us, all nine of us. So we left to go to Roddyís place, but on the way there we had to pass through a security gate. We all thought us weíre going to get busted, but the bed of the truck had a cap on it. When we got to Miami Effect house, we drank all of Rodís beer and the 40 of vodka we had with us. Wayne Mingo is a pool shark, you know it Wayne.

Now itís around this time it gets a little hazy in my brain so bear with me. I donít remember leaving the Miami house, actually the next thing I remembered is yelling at some girls in the parking lot at the hotel. They were from Canada that was cool. Then we all headed off, most of us going to the bar.

When I got to the bar, I saw Matty Marshall, and I went up to him. I told Matty Marshall that he is one of my paintball heros and then he bought me a drink. We talked for a while and I boasted Iíd drink him under the table, so he bought me another. He then introduced me to JP Augustine. I also met Maximus and Alex Lundqvist, Magued Idris, Markus the carkus Nielsen, BC brain cole, and Opie, almost t all of the Ton Tons, and the guy from Sweden that got pissing by the police. I told them all Iíd drink them under the table and Iíd out smoke them. Max said in Sweden we donít smoke we fuck pussy. I remember tody and Dex yelling at me from down the street, saying "itís time to go." "No, I donít wanna,"I replied. "Come on we gotta catch a plane in an hour. So I left to follow them.

I wake up in the morning and my back is all wet, I fact everything on me is wet. Man I ve had vodka sweats before but this was crazy. (Dexter told me I had fallen in a puddlewhile in my drunken stupor). I jumped out bed, threw my clothes in a bag and left to sit in the van. I remember getting out of the van at the airport and having to direct Todd around. I also noticed a huge sliver in my hand, and it was bleeding. I remember looking at Todd and him being white than matt, trying to check his luggage through. It was a good day as Todd spent much of his free time in the airport washrooms, I walked around carrying barf bags and dexter had a good laugh. We flew to Cincinnati and made it without incident.

Upon arrival we find the washroom for Todd and he spends pretty much the whole time there walking in and out of the washroom. We took off from Cincinnati and Todd spewed, I had never seen anyone puke in a barf bag before, ha. We met matt in Bangor, said our byes, and waited for Dexterís dad to come get us. I was completely recovered by the time I got home, on the other hand Todd had a rough week. Thatís my story and im sticking to it.

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