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Scenario Information

Held at field combat zone
Scenario title Panama Mission 2004
Start date September 18, 2004
Players should arrive by 07:30AM
End date of Scenario September 18, 2004
Players have to preregistar Yes
Scenario involved in a series No

Field Information

Scenario contact name Marc_DesRosiers
Scenario contact phone 506-855-5369
Scenario contact email

Equipment Avaliable

Paint price (per box) $90.00
Allowed to bring own paint No
co2 fills avaliable Yes
n2 (nitrogen) - 3000psi fills avaliable No
n2 (nitrogen) - 4500psi fills avaliable No
Allowed to bring own air Yes

Additional Information

Sponsered event N/A at this time
Equipment avaliable at field Markers&Masks
Allowed to reserve equipment Firstcome
Food avaliable at field No
Rain or shine policy Play rain or shine!
Camping allowed No
Scenario theme Imagine yourself deep in the jungle with a team of archeologists working on an Aztec Temple. You discover a secret room, in that room you find two mummies with strange inscriptions on their bodies. You are privilegied to read the journal of one of the archeologists and find out about a terrible secret that defied time and civilization. Here are some of the notes from the journal of one of the archeologists:

December 23,2001
The mummies were sent to the United States for analyses of the inscriptions. Analysis results revealed that an object "fell from the sky". That object possessed strange powers; anyone who controlled it was given knowledge of advanced techonologies far beyond anything existing on earth today.

September 13,2003
Called to the Pentagon for briefing. We received information that the two mummies we found were the ones who buried the object. Also, the object is buried in the hill next to Nuevo Emperador, a region that is under the control of a Drug Lord. This Drug Lord is known to be a Narco-Terrorist and is very violent. There is no doubt that if the Drug Lord finds the object in question, he will use it to his advantage. It's impossible to send a team into the jungle to retrieve the object without alerting the Panama authorities. It was decided that the only way to enter the country was a covert operation using the pretext of war against drugs. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - special Emergency Response Team (RCMP-SETRT) would jointly execute the mission. The official version is to arrest the Drug Lord on charges of conspiracy to export cocaine to the United States of America and Canada. However, their primary mission is to find and retrieve the object and bring it to the United States.
Additional scenario information The game has been designed for 60 players. Only 48 positions available at this time (Aug. 7th, 2004.

All players, or teams must register
before August 28, 2004. For more information, contact Marc DesRosiers at Killer Whale Paintball Scenario Games at or or call at 506.855.5369
Mon - Fri 6Pm - 9PM
Sat - Sun 9AM- 9PM


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