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Tournament Information

Held at field Domus Silvae Dist. Ltd. (field info)
Tournament name ECCs
Beginning date of tournament July 9, 2005
Ending date of tournament July 10, 2005
Captains meeting scheduled for 08:00 AM

Field Information

Tournament contact name Donald Roy
Tournament contact phone 506-857-0707
Tournament contact email
Tournament webpage
Additional tournament information The games will start on Saturday morning and the finals will be held on Sunday. We expect to be done Sunday afternoon.The tournament is going to be professionally video taped and photographed by Momentum Productions same boys as last year. More details

Tournament Division 1

Division class Rookie
Enterance price $150.00
Enterance deadline June 30, 2005
Entrance price after enrollment deadline $150.00
Team size 3-man
Included in enterance fee Air for the day
Prizes 1st: 1,000$ in gear + First Place Medals
2nd: 600$ in gear
3rd: 400$ in gear

Tournament Division 2

Division class Novice
Enterance price $250.00
Enterance deadline June 30, 2005
Entrance price after enrollment deadline $250.00
Team size 3-man
Included in enterance fee Air for the day
Prizes 3man Novice: 250.00$ Entry Fee per Team
1st: 1,500$ in gear + First Place Trophies
2nd: 1000$ in gear + Second Place Medals
3rd: 750$ in gear + Third Place Medals

Tournament Division 3

Division class All Divisions
Enterance price $300.00
Enterance deadline July 30, 2005
Entrance price after enrollment deadline $300.00
Team size 3-man
Included in enterance fee Note:this will be a open division
Prizes 3man Open: 300.00$ Entry Fee per Team
1st: 2,250$ cash + First Place Trophies
2nd: 1,500$ cash + Second Place Trophies
3rd: 1,200$ cash + Third Place Trophies

Equipment Avaliable

Paint brands sold Paintballs are still to be chosen
Paint price (per box) $???.00
Allowed to bring own paint No
co2 fills avaliable Yes
n2 (nitrogen) - 3000psi fills avaliable Yes
n2 (nitrogen) - 4500psi fills avaliable Yes
Players allowed to bring their own air Yes

Special Events

Event name Paintball draw
Price $???.00
Additional info all teams that submit their entry online will be handed extra tickets for a draw. What draw? All teams that participate in the event will have tickets that will give them a chance at a draw at the end of the event. More details will be available on July 9

Additional Information

Equipment avaliable for rent Markers&Masks
Allowed to reserve equipment Call
Event referees dont know yet
Food avaliable at field Yes
Rain or shine policy play rain or shine. not sure for the food tho
Camping allowed No
Hotels nearby alots
Additional information The prizes for Rookie and Novice will be handed out in gear and Open will be cash. Over 100% of the entry will be handed out in all 3 divisions. Last tournament, 200% of the entry was handed out and we are hoping to be able to offer as much this year.

Rookie: Just getting into the sport and I want to know what tournaments are about.
Novice: Ive been playing paintball for a few years and I feel as though I am ready to step into the tournament scene; have played a few tournaments before.
Open: Eat, Slee . . . Play Paintball, Eat, Sleep.

Paintballs are still to be chosen; however, we are currently leaning towards:
MidEvil and All Stars (Under 100$)
Rampage (Under 80$)

In order to guarantee yourself a spot, 150$ of the entry must be sent to Domus Silvae Dist. by June 30th.
You can remit payment to:
Domus Silvae Dist
631 Ferdinand Blvd.
Dieppe, New-Brunswick

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