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Paintball in Atlantic Canada
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Field Information

Field name Exit 8
Field owner name Dennis Moore
Contact phone number 902-548-2059
Secondary phone number 902-899-5194
Contact email address
Contact fax number 902-548-2059
Web Page for field

Field Location

Street location Wentworth/Collingwood Road
City Westchester Station
Province NS
Online map to location
Additional location information appointments needed to ensure someone will be out at the field. Otherwise you are coming by chance and call or come down to the house at #4442.

Appointment Information

Times to phone for an appointment Daily 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
How many days to call in advance at least one day
Additional appointment information You can try to call the same day giving a couple of hours notice, if field is free.

Equipment at Field

Brands/kinds of paint offered at the field ZAP and RP
Paint prices per 100 balls $10.00
Marker rentals avaliable Yes
Markers avaliable spyder semi-automatic
Masks avaliable Yes
co2 fills avaliable Yes
n2 (nitro) - 3000psi fills avaliable Yes
n2 (nitro) - 4500psi fills avaliable No

Fields Avaliable for Play

Fields avaliable for play Field Size Approximately 150x300. Made up of tires, oil drums and wooden structures and the VW bug.
Fields hosts tournaments Yes
Fields hosts scenarios No

Additional Information

Walkons allowed No
Walkons call in advance Yes
Date walkons allowed open
Nightpaintball offered Yes
Bathrooms at field Yes
Food avaliable at the field No
Stores nearby when tournaments are played, canteen services are available. If there will be a large group attending, canteen possible if arranged in advance. Locally 2 minutes down the road is Moores Ice Cream shop. 12 km from the field is Needs Convenience Store wi
Hotels nearby approximately 13 km to the Wentworth Valley Inn 902-548-2202

Field Events (past and present)

Tournament, September 29, 2002 Top Gun

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