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Team Information

Team name Miramichi Junkies
Team size 10-man
Team captain Adam Savoy
Team location - city Miramichi
Team location - province NB
Home field Field not listed
Team webpage

Team Players

Team members ARE team consites of Adam,casey,nigel,ashton,manny,rily,
steaphan and shane
Team equipment guns two model 98s two genisis 3 G3s and one tracer
Team level Novice
Year team formed 2000
Team contact name Miramichi Junkies
Team contact phone 506-622-2495
Team contact email
Additional Contact Info please call me at (506)622-2495 is prefered our my email
ALso we are in desperet need of a sponser and we tend to work for who ever gets us one also if there any teams in new brunswick we what to play you so dont be scared to give me a call or e-mail

Additional Information

Team sponsers none
Tournaments placed none
Other accomplishments none
Additional comments none

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