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Atlantic Canadian Indoor Championships 2002

Reported by:
Brad Colford

For those of you who don't know, the Atlantic Canadian Indoor championship took place in Truro, Nova Scotia on April 14. This was a Zap event and not unsurprisingly everyone was friendly (this being my first Zap event). A good time was had, especially the night before, with all the drinking and the HAM. The game format was 3 man, center flag, with a new dead box rule. Eliminated players had to stand on the starting line with their backs to the play. A great rule but unfortunate for those who got shot in the back. The venue was a show building at the Truro raceway. It had a dirt floor and was outfitted with a Sup Air field. Eighteen teams showed up to play some serious ball on a rainy day. They were split into two divisions:
Division 1:
1. Spike's 5150 (P.E.I.)
2. Atlantic Storm #1 (N.S.)
3. T.N.B #1 (N.B.)
4. Renegade #2 (N.B.)
5. Hurricane #2 (N.B.)
6. Frenzied Exp. #2 (N.S.)
7. T.N.B. #3 (N.B.)
8. Team Morrigan (N.B.)
9. Young Guys (N.S.)
Division 2:
1. Renegade #1 (N.B.)
2. Hurricane #1 (N.B.)
3. Frenzied Exp. #1 (N.S.)
4. Spike's Warriors (N.S.)
5. Atlantic Storm #2 (N.S.)
6. T.N.B. #2 (N.B.)
7. (P.E.I.)
8. Mystic Warriors (N.B.)
9. Come Get Some (N.S.)


Each team had eight games during the prelim round. Some great games and amazing bunkering took place. Outstanding plays were going on in nearly ever game (anyone at the event knows what I mean). The top two teams in each division moved on to the round robin finals. In division 1 it was Spikes 5150, getting in with a perfect score and TNB3 moving on to the finals. Division 2 saw Mystic Warriors and TNB2 getting in, finishing in that order.


Round one saw TNB3 take one sister team TNB2. After a back and forth game TNB3 pulled out the win. Next up Spikes 5150 and Mystic Warriors. Spikes came this day with their game face and beat the Mystic Warriors, to continue the win streak.

Round two saw TNB2 taking on Spikes 5150. Yet again Spikes continue with the win streak. TNB3 took on Mystic Warriors, and to make a long story short TNB3 with the win. This loss left Mystic Warriors out of the first two spots.

Round three saw TNB2 and Mystic Warriors for third and fourth. TNB2 ousted Mystic Warriors for third spot. And finally Spikes 5150 and TNB3 for first and second place. Spikes get the win, first place, $1000 and finish the day with no losses, impressive.


1 Spikes 5150
2 TNB3
3 TNB2
4 Mystic Warriors

Sportsmanship went to Come Get Some and MVP was Jeff MacDonald. Congrats Guys. Thanks must go out to all the refs, Roddy and the guys from TX Aggression. Excellent reffing makes for happy players. To all the teams great plays and exciting games. And to all the sponsors Spikes Paintball, Spikes Action Gear and Gary Mackenzie, and to Zap. Any that I missed sorry, I'm new to this reporting thing.


Here are the 'official' results @
Here are more complete results @ Maritime Paintball Tournament Center.
Here are some photos of the awards ceremonies (Top 8 pictures) @
Here are 300+ pictures of the days events @ Risons Webpage.

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